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Humorous commentary on the party photos. Observations of everyday behavior and manners. Commentary on living in Minnesota versus living in L.A.

Located: Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Old Phrases on Apr 20, 2011I hate it when people try and change a good thing. "Right, well, I know YOU think the grass is equally green on both sides but, let's see you apply that attitude to the different qualities of weed you could be smoking. Somebody's grass has to be gree...

For Real on Apr 20, 2011Remember how Jordan Catalono in my so called life couldn't read? I wonder if that wasn't a reality for Jared Leto. You know, like, maybe he wasn't acting.

Malaki na dito on Jan 31, 2011Manpanionships are pretty special. All of a sudden you're mantiquing in the Honolulu and next thing you know you're getting leied.

Figure on Jan 17, 2011So, I hate to sound like your dad but, why don't you get off the couch, get a job, cut you hair and what are you wearing?

Markdown on Jan 7, 2011I mean I guess it's kind of a unscrupulous insult to say that hipsters should be sold at pawn shops but, doesn't it kind of make a whole lot of sense?

on Dec 2, 2010It's true superheros live among us. You'd think they'd be these kind of nerdy office mail room guys. How wrong you are. The real superheros are totally radical youngsters with nothing to do but, stick it to the man!