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Sample Minnesota's rich history, courtesy of a microfilm archive of newspaper articles, photos and ads dating back more than 140 years. Fresh items are posted once or twice a week.

Located: Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Nov. 5, 2009: Time marches on on Nov 5, 2009 in MainYesterday’s News has a new look and a new location, You’ll need to update your RSS readers at the new site, and you’ll need to register and sign in to post comments. Earlier posts – nearly 300 hundre...

Nov. 11, 1903: Attacked by an eagle on Nov 3, 2009 in Main, WeirdAlone in a rowboat on Bald Eagle Lake, a young hunter tangles with a huge eagle...

Nov. 18, 1903: The hazards of photography on Oct 29, 2009 in Main, MayhemA photographer's flash tank explodes, injuring two and knocking down members of two bowling teams.

Nov. 13, 1904: Quite a puzzler on Oct 14, 2009 in Main, WeirdTry your hand at this turn-of-the-century brain-teaser.

Nov. 20, 1908: Hats in class on Oct 11, 2009 in Main, WeirdU co-eds begin wearing large hats to class to conceal widespread ... doily making?

Dec. 15, 1980: Rashad’s ‘miracle catch’ on Sep 27, 2009 in Main, MuscleA Hail Mary pass completes a wild comeback against the Browns.