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Well, Hello Again! on Jul 6, 2010I'm back....Wow, where have I been for the last 6 months? I can tell you a few things... one, the kitchen reno project has been to hell and back and I am utterly amazed that I am still married. The kitchen is THE most important part of my world and...

now this is just plain cool on Feb 1, 2010

We Both Won! on Jan 24, 2010In Mid January, I was asked by The Bright Side Project blog to host a give-away. This isn't just any blog, I had 206 answers to the simple question of: What is your go-to meal for friends, family, lover?Holly's answer was my fave! She eluded to a...

The Bright Side Project - FREE GIVEAWAY! on Jan 12, 2010The oh so fabulous blog"The Bright Side Project" is featuring Kitchen Stories todaywith an chance to win a $35 gift certificateto use on anything in my shop!!!How exciting is that?Head on over and check it out!

Creative Inspiration on Jan 11, 2010I happened to be flipping through the pages of a photography magazine this weekend and found this incredibly thought provoking piece about where creativity comes from. Erik Wahl is a photographer and the keynote speaker at Imaging USA this week in N...

She's All Excited! on Dec 26, 2009I'm on a Christmas holiday in Montreal, Qcand am super excited to seeKitchen Stories Herb and Spice Blendsat La Bohemia Cafe on Rue St. Denis corner Duluth for sale.Can you say: Super Fab from this Etsy gal?