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Marketplace economics correspondent Chris Farrell helps you manage your money and your risks smartly without turning personal finance into a second career.

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$90 billion mining merger would alter industry on Feb 7, 2012The world's largest commodities trader Glencore has agreed to buy mining giant Xstrata to create a global giant in coal, zinc and copper mining and production.

Homegrown alcohol industry a bright spot for Ohio on Feb 7, 2012Liquor sales have risen even as the state's economy has slumped. In turn, Ohio is embracing its homegrown booze industry.

Senate weighs bigger government role in cyber security on Feb 7, 2012Lawmakers are proposing increased government regulation of computer security for "critical" businesses like nuclear power plants, water utilities and chemical factories.

FAA funding bill limits labor unions on Feb 7, 2012Congress has passed a bill to fund technology upgrades for the Federal Aviation Administration. But some unions say they lose out under the legislation, which also limits union activity.

Money flows across border on Feb 7, 2012As Western Union earnings show, the global remittance business is at record levels.

Efforts pay off in fighting deforestation in Brazil on Feb 6, 2012The Brazilian government has ramped up efforts to stop deforestation in the Amazon. So far, it seems to be slowly working.