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Would you volunteer to take less money to save jobs? on Jun 24, 2009MPR's Paul Tosto notes that some of the employees sacrificing their hours for others are sharing their story and perspective on it. Discover the discussions at mneconomy.gather.com.

Join our open discussion: What is happiness? on Jun 24, 2009What makes you happy? How do you know when you will be happy? Are you good at predicting your happiness? Join our online discussion to read what others had to say about happiness, and share your own definition.

Photo tour of Camden Rock Garden and a boat ride on Jun 23, 2009Minnesota Life contributor Don L. compiled photos of his visit to the Camden Rock Garden and a Stillwater-based boat ride into one video slideshow. Watch it, share your comments, or upload your own video of life here in the land of sky-blue waters.

How do you embrace the heat? on Jun 23, 2009Bob Collins has kicked off an "Embrace the Heat" campaign, but he can't do it alone. He needs your photos.

Minnesota Life: An art car in Minneapolis on Jun 22, 2009Gather regular Peter Joseph Swanson was visiting the Minneapolis Institute of Arts when he spotted art... on a car.

Discussing high functioning alcoholism on Jun 19, 2009Our online discussion inspired by Midmorning's show about hidden alcoholism has opened the door for some incredibly powerful - and personal - stories.