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Recently on TV on Feb 16, 2010People are awesome.

Helpful Size Comparison Chart on Feb 16, 2010I found this online, but I think it will prove to be a very helpful reference for some people. I'm talking to you, J-Ballz.

Groovy on Feb 16, 2010Can you guess what these super magnified photos are revealing?Hint: I have a lot of both of them and they both do the same thing.

Animated GIF Blow-Out on Feb 16, 2010I've neglected Animated Friday for far too many weekends now, so I'm clearing out the inventory in one ginormous posting focused around the two best animated GIF subjects on the planet: crazy animals and stupid people that teach you life lessons. You...

A Brief Hiatus on Feb 16, 2010I'll probably never quit my blog, because I'm selfish and attention-starved and I crave validation. Also, I have a bad memory lately so I need to have a place to write everything down and I'm too exhibitionistic to do it in a private journal. But sad...

Certain Old Willies on Feb 16, 2010I saw this picture of the old Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory children online the other day and it shocked me, as it always does, even though I've seen it a million times in the past and I've even posted about it before. Especially Charlie's po...