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There is always some madness in love. But there is always some reason in madness.

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on Jan 16, 2010In intoxication, physical or spiritual, he recovers an intensity of feeling which prudence had destroyed; he finds the world full of delight and beauty, and his imagination is suddenly liberated from the prison of everyday preoccupations.

on Jan 2, 2010Richard Reid killed 0 people with his shoe bomb. The TSA has killed 264 people with its overreaction to his failure.

A Parody on Oct 29, 2009 in A Portrait of The Artist as a Young Man, James JoyceTowards noon he awoke. O what dull music. His soul was all arid dry. Over his limbs in restive sleep warm waves of darkness had passed. He lay restless, as if his soul lay amid piss-warm waters, half-conscious of droning music. His mind was waking to...

Lowering the Target on Health Reform on Aug 17, 2009Let me fling out my own flaming arrow of rage into the digital ether. The New York Times reports that the Public Health Option, the vital core of Obama's health care reform may be dropped by the White House. President Obama continues to lower the tar...

Scene From A Bachelor Party on Aug 6, 2009His mind is blank in vaguely medical wonder. His chair becomes more comfortable his pants more spacious. The alcohol still swims but the illusion drops. Cold absurdity dissipates the sexual heat in his eyes. His mind pulls back, his body becomes a sp...

Microblogging on Jul 29, 2009This electrified piece of plastic, silicon and semi-precious metals cast a pale light across my face and my mind wanders into the infinite valleys of distraction that vibrate underneithss all these clacking keys.