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Striking a chord(conclusion) on Feb 22, 2009There are also songs I love,but they make me feel sad,for reasons i can't explain.My favorite sad songs,are Mary chapin carpenter's song,"sand and water',the Beautiful south's"36D",Talk Talk's"i believe in you&

striking a chord(begining) on Feb 22, 2009Being a composer,but a not-a-very-good pianist,I can tell you,that music is one of those things,that enriches people's lives.It's funny how a beautifull melody,or a fine chord progression,can trigger an emotional response......in not just the br

striking a chord(continued) on Feb 22, 2009One thing that I find helpfull,in these times of despair,is listening to a feel-good song,in an up-beat tempo.I do have my favorites....a very ecclectic mix of songs.They are Shonen Knife's,"cycling is fun",camera Obscura's"happy

blogger's block(continued) on Feb 18, 2009Joggers&runners,will use terms like"bonking",and "hitting the wall",when it comes to describing the body,running out of steam.How do creative people-------artists,musicians,and writers,overcome those times,when they get stuck,f

blogger's block(begining) on Feb 18, 2009Imagine for a moment,that you are sitting at your computer,trying to beat the deadline,for posting your on-line blog......As you stare glassy-eyed into the monitor,beads of sweat roll down your face.Your palms get clammy,and your heart begins to race...

Blogger's block(conclusion) on Feb 18, 2009Here's a suggestion,for working around writer's block.grab a notepad and a pen,then heard out,to your favorite bar,coffee house,or restaraunt.........observe the things going on around you,and start writing down,bits&pieces of conversati